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Company Overview
We started our venture by participating in few local Armenian bazaars and set up tables with our jewelry and pictures of Armenia. A year later, we have sold literally hundreds of pictures and added to our stock of Armenian souvenirs to include all that you'll see on this website and more. Visiting Armenia is the here for more info .

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Our Mission
To help Armenians from Armenia share their talents and creativity with the rest of the world while allowing the rest of the world direct access to all that Armenians from all around the world, including Armenia itself, have to offer.

As far back as I can remember, I and every other first generation Armenian-American in northern New Jersey within a 45 mile radius that I knew, went to the same Armenian school. We studied all about a country we couldn't visit, a history that read like a novel of legends, and a language that nobody other than our parents, and their friends, spoke with to us, and to each other.

Armenia was a place under Soviet rule and as far as we knew there was no way in or out of the country. There was no way for us to meet people from Armenia, or experience for ourselves all that Armenia had to offer. I remember clipping and saving any articles shown in the New York Times or elsewhere about Armenia or Armenians, and trying in vain to teach my American classmates about a place I had never seen or experienced for myself in person.

In 1991, the Soviet Union had broken up, Armenia was in a war with neighboring Azerbaijan, and Turkey closed it's border to Armenia. During this time, the internet had just started forming its own legs and spreading to the colleges. I remember being in school with no Armenians in my vicinity for miles around, and getting on Armenian chat lines to meet Armenians from all around the world and joining email lists about Armenia just to get any kind of current information I could about our newly independent country. here for more info.

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Looking for Armenian Products, Armenian Gift Ideas, Armenian Souvenirs? Come visit our online Armenian store. We have a wide variety of products including Armenian Jewelry, Evil Eye products, Armenian Ornaments, Photographs from Armenia, Armenian Artwork, Armenian Decorations, Armenian Games, Armenian T-shirts, Armenian Flags, Armenian Decals, Armenian Pins, Armenian Hats, Armenian Food, Armenian Music & Armenian Movies, Papyrus and more. Our mission is to help Armenians from all around the world, share their talents and creativity with the rest of the world while allowing the rest of the world direct access to all that Armenians everywhere, including Armenia itself, have to offer. is also your resource for Armenian products, info, events and more!

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